Today in College Football America History – Aug. 19

Arkansas Baptist

Today we celebrate this day in College Football America Yearbook history by looking back on the games we’ve covered on this date, Aug. 19. The staff at the College Football America Yearbook has been attending and coverings games since 2010, even before we actually had a physical yearbook to sell. Our staff travels the country to cover anywhere from 50 to 70 college football games per season. So, we’ve accumulated many games, many photos and many memories. Each day, we’ll encapsulate those memories here and include links to our photos and game coverage that will help you take a look back, too.

If you’re curious about the College Football America Yearbook, click here to take a look at past issues. Also click on get the latest College Football America news and to find a link to the most current book. Until then, we’ll see you down the road.

So what did we do on this day in College Football America Yearbook history?

The Arkansas Baptist Buffaloes. (College Football America photo by Kendall Webb)

2017: Georgia Prep (unaffiliated) at Arkansas Baptist (NJCAA)

📸 ▶️ Click here for the full photo gallery

Well, we had just one game on our calendar. It was the first game of the NJCAA slate for the entire country and it was a big game for both teams, as they got to play in legendary War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Arkansas Razorbacks usually play one home game there per season.

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