Comparing NAIA Coaches 2021 Preseason Top 25 with College Football America Yearbook’s Top 30

Cameron Dukes of Lindsey Wilson College.

The NAIA Coaches Preseason Top 25 was released earlier this month, and that poll had a different No. 1 than the 2021 College Football America Yearbook’s Preseason Top 30.

The Coaches voted Lindsey Wilson at No. 1, installing the defending champions with all 18 first-place votes. The College Football America Yearbook had Northwestern (IA) at No. 1 in its preseason rankings. Northwestern lost to Lindsey Wilson in the title game. It would surprise the staff of College Football America if both teams ended up in the title game once again.

The NAIA coaches had Northwestern (IA) at No. 2, Morningside at No. 3, Keiser at No. 4, Grand View at No. 5, Concordia (MI) at No. 6, Baker at No. 7, Reinhardt at No. 8, Marian at No. 9 and Olivet Nazarene at No. 10.

The College Football America Yearbook ranked Morningside at No. 2, followed by No. 3 Lindsey Wilson, No. 4 Grand View, No. 5 Concordia (MI), No. 6 Marian, No. 7 Keiser, No. 8 Baker, No. 9 Reinhardt and No. 10 Dickinson State in its preseason Top 30.

After the Top 10, the NAIA coaches had Dickinson State at No. 11, Bethel (KS) at No. 12, Georgetown (KY) at No. 13, Dordt at No. 14, Arizona Christian at No. 15, Saint Francis (IN) at No. 16, Benedictine (KS) at No. 17, Eastern Oregon at No. 18, College of Idaho at No. 19, Roosevelt at No. 20, Avila at No. 21, Southeastern at No. 22, Ottawa (KS) at No. 23, Kansas Wesleyan at No. 24 and Southwestern (KS) at No. 25.

The remainder of the College Football America Yearbook Top 30 included No. 11 Olivet Nazarene, No. 12 Arizona Christian, No. 13 Saint Francis (IN), No. 14 College of Idaho, No. 15 Dordt, No. 16 Carroll (MT), No. 17 Bethel (KS), No. 18 Georgetown (KY), No. 19 Avila, No. 20 Benedictine (KS), No. 21 Roosevelt, No. 22 Southwestern (KS), No. 23 Eastern Oregon, No. 24 Kansas Wesleyan, No. 25 Ottawa (AZ), No. 26 Valley City State, No. 27 Southeastern, No. 28 Faulkner, No. 29 St. Ambrose and No. 30 Kentucky Christian.

The College Football America 2021 Yearbookfeatures more than 900 college football teams from the United States and Canada in more than 250 striking, full-color pages. That includes every team from the NCAA (FBS, FCS, Division II and Division III), NAIA, NJCAA, CCCAA and U Sports (Canada). It also includes updates on club football, one-year postgraduate prep/sports academies and Mexican college football, along with dozens of action shots and stadium photos taken by the CFA staff.

The print edition is available online via and other major retailers such as Barnes & Noble.

One thought on “Comparing NAIA Coaches 2021 Preseason Top 25 with College Football America Yearbook’s Top 30

  1. Don’t sell OWAZ short. Mike Nesbit is really doing some great staffing and recruiting. I look for him to be sought after for a NCAA Div. 1 university in the next couple of years.


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